Aggressive cat: Sudden anger on fellow species

Aggressive cat: Sudden anger on fellow species

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An aggressive cat that suddenly starts attacking its peers often terrifies its owner. Now rest and a little bit of sensitivity are required. With these tips you can restore harmony between your quarrels. Aggressive cat: Most of the time, the other man suddenly smells different - Picture: Shutterstock / Sarah Cates

Scratching, biting, hissing, threatening and violent attack: An aggressive cat not only scares its owner, but also its peers. The reason for their sudden behavior is usually not immediately understandable to humans ...

When an aggressive cat attacks the other man: causes

If the otherwise so dear four-legged friend suddenly falls out of the blue on her companions, something has mostly disturbed the familiar environment of your pets. A visit to the vet, a frightening encounter with a neighbor's dog or a fight with a strange cat are common triggers for sudden disputes. The reason for this is very simple: the affected animal suddenly smells different. We humans do not perceive this, but their peers, who like all cats are strongly oriented to smells, can and can view this as a declaration of war.

What to do in the case of sudden aggressions

Keep calm when there is a crisis between your pets. Your own serenity is often transferred to the animals. Rub your little cat from top to bottom with your favorite cat blanket, or use a sweater you have worn. A special pheromone spray, available from your veterinarian, can also help the two smell again.

Talk to both of them comfortingly and the most important thing is: don't scold yourself. Angry cats have an extremely hot temper, which you can see from the entire posture. With your own anger, you could make things worse!

Bach flowers for cats: application and dosage

Bach flowers for cats can be used in different situations. According to Dr. Edward ...

Bach flower remedies for cats or special emergency drops have also proven useful to soothe heated spirits. If you are planning a visit to the vet, it is best to give it in advance. Also ensure a quiet, familiar environment for the two quarrels and temporarily separate them spatially if the situation becomes too hot, in case of doubt also overnight. The next morning the world looks very different again!

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