Bernese mountn dog puppies reno nv

Bernese mountn dog puppies reno nv

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Bernese mountn dog puppies reno nv

Bernese mountn dog puppies reno nv, Bernese mountn dogs are a dual-purpose working dog, used for herding and for assisting humans in a variety of working jobs. They are descended from the ancient European working dog of the same name. The breed is well known for their extreme loyalty and willingness to please their humans. The Bernese mountn dog is considered a rare breed in the United States.

Bernese mountn dog temperament

Bernese mountn dog temperament is very loyal and friendly to humans.

Bernese mountn dogs are known to be affectionate, energetic and playful.

Bernese mountn dog intelligence

A Bernese mountn dog is intelligent and has excellent problem-solving ability. Bernese mountn dogs are eager to please their handlers and work hard to learn new tasks.

Bernese mountn dogs are good at working at a variety of tasks and are a highly versatile working dog.

Bernese mountn dog trning

The Bernese mountn dog is generally obedient, responds well to trning, and has a very strong bond with their owner.

Bernese mountn dog history

The breed is relatively young, having been developed in the 1880s in the Swiss Alps. Bernese mountn dog breeders wanted to get rid of dogs with the appearance of German shepherds and other large European breeds because they were working on large, wide open pasture land and were considered impractical for such work.

Bernese mountn dog growth and lifespan

Bernese mountn dogs generally mature around 16 to 18 months of age and may live to be about 7 years old.

Bernese mountn dog care

Bernese mountn dogs need ample exercise. They like to run and play in a yard or fenced area. However, they can also be kept in a kennel. Bernese mountn dogs are relatively easy to care for. Dly grooming is required to keep the dog’s coat looking its best.

Bernese mountn dog nutrition

Since Bernese mountn dogs are natural prey animals, they need an all-round balanced diet. The breed's nutritional needs include the essentials, such as protein, fat, carbohydrates, and vitamins.

Bernese mountn dog activity

Because of their size and strong working abilities, Bernese mountn dogs need to be exercised dly. They enjoy running and playing in a fenced area or in a yard. Bernese mountn dogs are an ideal size and can also play with and be friends with small dogs.

Bernese mountn dog health

Because of their size and physical strength, Bernese mountn dogs are generally healthy. They are prone to certn genetic disorders, such as knee problems and a condition in which the dog has excess of a build-up of fatty material (cholelithiasis) in the gall bladder.

Bernese mountn dog grooming

Dly grooming is required to keep the Bernese mountn dog's coat looking its best. If your dog has a coat that is prone to shedding, then monthly grooming is recommended. To brush a dog’s coat, stand on your hind legs and gently hold the dog’s hr with one hand and brush with the other. Do this all over the dog's body and undercoat.

Bernese mountn dog grooming

Your Bernese mountn dog should be groomed twice weekly to ensure that it doesn’t mat. Be sure to brush the coat in the direction of hr growth. Don’t pull at the dog's hr, instead, try to feel the natural hr growth. Clean the dog’s ears, muzzle and underneath of the tl using a cotton ball dipped in warm water with a little soap. Brush the teeth every two weeks and be sure to have your Bernese mountn dog's nls clipped regularly.

Bernese mountn dog health and grooming

The most common diseases a Bernese mountn dog will suffer from are eye diseases, ear problems, and skin problems. Be sure to vaccinate your dog agnst rabies and parvo.

Healthy habits

The best way to keep your Bernese mountn dog healthy is to feed it healthy foods. It should be fed a balanced diet every day, at every meal. Dogs that are fed a healthy, balanced diet will be healthy and happy.

Bernese mountn dog health care

You will need to take your Bernese mountn dog to a veterinarian for routine checkups. As it ages, the Bernese mountn dog may suffer from kidney or liver flure. Other conditions it may suffer from include heart problems, ear infections and eye diseases. If you notice any of these conditions, don’t delay. It’s better to take your Bernese mountn dog to a veterinarian right away.

Bernese mountn dog grooming tips

Here are a few tips that can help you with your Bernese mountn dog’s grooming:

You will need to bathe the Bernese mountn dog regularly. Clean it once a week, every other week.

The best time to bathe the dog is before bedtime.

Use the same shampoo that you use on your own hr.

Don’t use a product on the dog’s face.

Don’t use harsh shampoos that are likely to cause dog acne.

Apply a non-greasy conditioner to your Bernese mountn dog's coat.

Use a gentle brush to groom the dog.

Don’t neglect the ears of your Bernese mountn dog. It’s important to keep them clean.

You should clean the ears weekly, every other week.

You can use a cotton bud or an ear cleaning tool. Don’t use an ear cleaner that contns abrasives.

Don’t neglect your Bernese mountn dog’s teeth. Clean them once a month. You can use a soft brush.

Use a gentle toothpaste that does not contn any abrasives.

You will need to groom the Bernese mountn dog’s nls regularly. Make sure they are trimmed only when the Bernese mountn dog’s paw pads are exposed.

You can use an electric nl clipper to remove the dog’s nls. You don’t need to cut the nls at an angle. Instead, cut them strght across.

Use a moisturizing hand and face lotion, and put moisturizing lotion on the Bernese mountn dog’s feet.

Clean the Bernese mountn dog’s eyes regularly.

If your Bernese mountn dog is getting an unpleasant odor, use a non-abrasive, non-irritating cleaner.

Don’t overfeed your Bernese mountn dog.

Don’t give your Bernese mountn dog too much water.

You need to pay attention to your Bernese mountn dog’s diet.

You will have to give your Bernese mountn dog at least three dry kibbles and one wet one for each meal.

Don’t feed your Bernese mountn dog more than the required amount.

Don’t allow the Bernese mountn dog to drink to excess.

Don’t use table scraps as treats.


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