Cat equivalent in windows

Cat equivalent in windows

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Cat equivalent in windows 7, can I find it?

<,goddard>, where would be the best place to ask?


<,ubottu>, The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for!Windows programs that run under!WINE: - Join #winehq for application help

<,goddard>, what about the wine apps that don't work in windows 7

<,bazhang>, goddard, you dont understand

<,goddard>, what?

<,bazhang>, goddard, wine is not windows

<,k1l>, goddard: better see the appdb if you want to know if something works or not

<,goddard>, why?

<,bazhang>, goddard, if you want to know how to make your wine program work, then ask in #winehq

<,goddard>, that is what i am asking

<,bazhang>, goddard, wine and winetricks are not windows.

<,goddard>, you are telling me where to go

<,bazhang>, goddard, and thats the first place to ask

<,goddard>, ok

<,goddard>, ok

<,k1l>, goddard: in this channel we provide help for ubuntu and the programs that run on ubuntu. there are some apps that need windows and dont run on wine.

<,bazhang>, goddard, in ubuntu

<,bazhang>,!wine | goddard

<,ubottu>, goddard: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: - Search the!AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See!virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu

<,bazhang>, goddard, ask there

<,goddard>, ok

<,goddard>, thanks for the help

<,bazhang>, goddard, if they know, they will answer, if not, then ask

<,k1l>, goddard: ask for windows apps that run on wine. if they need to use a windows-only driver or service then they will need help in ##windows

<,goddard>, right but in this channel someone told me to go to wine and ask

<,goddard>, it doesn't work

<,goddard>, or i am not getting the answer i am looking for

<,bazhang>, goddard, this channel is for ubuntu support, nothing else

<,goddard>, right

<,goddard>, sorry

<,k1l>, goddard: well, #winehq has a database of working and not working apps in wine.

<,goddard>, right

<,k1l>, goddard: and they support their users there. so ask them :)

<,goddard>, but you are saying that windows apps don't work in ubuntu

<,goddard>, that is a lie

<,bazhang>, goddard, you're right, thats not what I sd

<,goddard>, then i am confused

<,bazhang>, goddard, I never sd a windows app would not work in ubuntu

<,k1l>, goddard: no, you are talking about that you want to make wine run an app that needs a windows only driver or service. then ask ##windows

<,goddard>, i am looking for an app i tried to find on ubuntu but i can not

<,bazhang>, goddard, then ask #winehq

<,goddard>, ok

<,goddard>, thank you

<,bazhang>, np

<,goddard>, bazhang: what is wine

<,goddard>, i have no idea what your saying to me

<,bazhang>, goddard, what are you asking

<,goddard>, you sd that windows apps don't work in ubuntu

<,goddard>, so i am confused as to why you are saying that i need to go to wine to get an answer when what i am asking is if it is possible to find a windows app for ubuntu

<,goddard>, if it isnt possible then you need to expln why

<,bazhang>, goddard, what was the exact question

<,k1l>, goddard: you are just not looking hard enough

<,bazhang>, goddard, #winehq for support

<,k1l>, goddard: what app?

<,goddard>, can i find an app for ubuntu that can not be found in ubuntu

<,goddard>, in my case i am trying to find the Cat equivalent for ubuntu

<,goddard>, i was told to go to wine but i am not getting the answer i am looking for

<,goddard>, k1l: is that what you are saying

<,bazhang>, goddard, you are mistaken

<,goddard>, k1l: i want to know if it is possible to find an app for ubuntu that does not exist on ubuntu

<,bazhang>, goddard, what app, you did not tell us what you wanted

<,goddard>, the cat equivalent

<,bazhang>, goddard, for ubuntu or on ubuntu

<,k1l>, goddard: yes. there is no cat equivalent for ubuntu.

<,goddard>, for ubuntu

<,goddard>, that is what i was trying to figure out

<,bazhang>, goddard, ask in #winehq

<,goddard>, ok

<,k1l>, goddard: ok. see the winehq wiki for that.

<,goddard>, that is what i was looking for

<,goddard>, ok

<,k1l>, goddard: the appdb lists the apps for wine that you can install.

<,goddard>, what is

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