Flea products for cats: which are there?

Fleas are a horror for cat owners, because once the parasites have entered the cat fur, it is not so easy to get rid of them. The right equipment is the be-all and end-all. There are these means for flea control: Flea products for cats: which are there? - Image: Shutterstock / Ilike

1. Flea comb for the weekly inspection of free-fallers

In order to successfully manage flea problems, it is important to identify the parasite infestation as quickly as possible. If you have a freelancer at home, comb your fur with the flea comb once a week. Examine the fur on the neck very carefully, because there you have the best chance of encountering suspicious black crumbs (flea droppings) or their causes.

2. Spot-on preparations for prevention and flea control

Spot-on preparations are instilled on the cat's neck by the veterinarian or by the cat owner to prevent fleas and kill existing parasites. Your veterinarian can show you the application and recommend a suitable preparation. It is important that you always follow the dosage instructions in the package insert.

3. The flea and vermin collar against parasites

The flea collar is a cheap flea protection, where you should note one thing: Since a cat collar always poses the danger that the house tiger gets caught and injured, the collar should have a special safety lock and not be too tight. So while you risk the cat losing it and having to buy a new one more often, you reduce the risk of injury.

4. Environment spray for the apartment in the event of flea infestation

Once it happens and the cat has brought fleas home, not only the animal but also the apartment must be fled. Textiles should be washed and the floor cleaned with a vacuum cleaner and mop. In the case of severe infestation, an ambient spray helps not only to kill the parasites, but also to prevent them from moving back into the apartment.

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