Vacation on the dog beach: what should be in your bathing bag?

Vacation on the dog beach: what should be in your bathing bag?

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Sun, beach and sea don't just make people's hearts beat faster. A visit to the dog beach also means fun, play and good mood for four-legged friends. It is important that your dog is not missing anything. It's best to make a small checklist of things that you should definitely take with you. Well prepared, a holiday on the dog beach is particularly fun - Shutterstock / MaraZe

Water is undoubtedly the most important thing for a vacation on a dog's beach - and that doesn't just mean the cool water in the sea or lake where your four-legged friend likes to splash around. When the sun is burning and your dog moves a lot on the beach, your animal vacation companion must drink enough.

Vacation on the dog beach: water and food

But not only the sun, the salt water in the sea also has a drying effect. There are freely accessible taps on most dog beaches - but that's not the rule yet. Therefore, you should never leave the house without bringing your own refreshment. Tip: In specialist shops you will find travel drinking bottles specially produced for dogs. Otherwise, you can simply pour the water from a bottle into a bowl.

In addition to sufficient fluid, also think of food. Having fun on the water costs energy - so don't forget to feed. Warning: Immediately after eating, your dog should not romp in the water again, but generally rest and digest something.

Don't forget sun protection for the dog

Although some dog breeds can cope well with heat, no dog should stay in the blazing sun all day - heat stroke is extremely dangerous, especially for sensitive dogs. Tip: Before you visit the dog beach, it is best to find out how the breed of your mustache can cope with the heat. For sun protection, you should take a parasol or a beach shell with you, for example, and ensure that your dog regularly rests in the shade.

Very practical: water dispenser for dogs

Whether at home or on the go: dogs must always have fresh water available. In addition to the simple ...

Other items for a relaxing day at sea

Sand can cause paw injuries after a long stay on the beach. Sharp-edged shells or stones in the sea also represent potential sources of danger. Therefore, if necessary, take special dog shoes for paw protection with you on vacation. Also important for the common good: dog waste bags. A dog's beach should always be clean and free of the legacies of the four-legged friends. With floating dog toys you make the day on the dog beach perfect.

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