Indoor cats: Playing with humans

Cats prefer to play with their own kind. But indoor cats are also happy when their people play with them. The interaction with the owner or mistress strengthens the bond between cat and human. In addition, playing is especially important for indoor cats to prevent boredom. Indoor cats: Playing with people - Photo: Shutterstock / Boryana Manzurova

Cats need exercise and the ability to use all of their senses. Freelance enthusiasts can test their skills in garden hunting and exploring. But indoor cats do not have this option. Because boredom can easily spread. Over time, this can lead to behavioral problems and depression in the fur noses. For this reason, you should keep at least two cats at home - and play with them every day.

Playing with people as a challenge

It is best to take a few minutes two to three times a day to play with your house tiger. Game fishing and feather dusters are extremely popular - especially when they move back and forth under a newspaper or blanket. Toys with catnip or valerian have a special charm.

No lazy cat can resist the nimble red dot from a laser pointer. But be careful here: The light beam must not hit the cat's eyes. Make sure that the light can be reflected by window panes and mirrors - this could also damage your cat's eyes. If you are unsure, you should rather do without the laser pointer. Finally, there are enough alternatives to play with your velvet paw.

Appropriate keeping of an indoor cat

It is not too difficult to ensure that a domestic cat is kept appropriately. Especially,…

Make games for cats yourself: tips

Cat toys don't always have to be bought. With simple means you can easily make games for your house cat yourself. There are a few basic rules you should follow:

● Safety comes first: Do not use anything that could injure your cat
● Also protect your fingers from eager cat claws
● Cats love toys that rustle
● Rapid movements in a zigzag awaken the hunting instinct of your fur nose
● End the games with a sense of achievement for your cat
In other words, let your cat win, otherwise she will be frustrated after the game.

The following everyday items can be used as handicraft material for homemade cat toys:

● Paper balls
● Empty toilet paper and kitchen paper rolls
● Rolled up newspaper
● Cardboard boxes, cardboard boxes and even more cardboard boxes!
● Bamboo sticks or other untreated, sturdy wooden sticks
● branches and leaves from the garden
● Discarded socks, scraps of cloth and handkerchiefs
● Old soft toys
● Laces and leather straps

Especially with old stuffed animals, check that nothing can come loose when playing. Otherwise, your cat could swallow and choke the small parts or suffer an intestinal obstruction. As a precaution, do not leave toys lying around unattended. In long threads, your pet could get tangled or, at worst, strangle. In addition, the toy stays exciting for your cat for longer if you keep it in the drawer in between.

You can make a game fishing rod yourself with a stick, ribbon and scraps of fabric or an old soft toy. You can let your cat chase paper balls through the apartment. You can use cardboard boxes to build a labyrinth, a cat tunnel or a cat castle, but you can also hide treats in it under a pile of leaves, branches and cardboard snippets. The rolled up newspaper can be moved back and forth in front of your cat so that it can try to catch it. Attention! This game may have a scratch or two on your hand. Also make sure that your house panther does not eat the torn off newspaper clippings.

"Environmental Enrichment": Improving the living environment for cats

The technical term "Enviromental Enrichment" describes a method, the living environment for your cat ...

Lure cats from the reserve

Is your cozy salon lion not available even for the most unusual toys? Motivate him with food! Whether treats or home-made snacks made from meat - the prospect of fresschen mobilizes almost every room tiger. Just throw a few treats around in the presence of your cat and she'll be happy to go after you.

To increase the level of difficulty, you can hide the food. So that the cat has to use all the senses to get its reward, a fiddling board or feeder is also suitable. This playful handling of the feed also prevents you from being overweight. Also keep in mind that if you have rewarded them with goodies while playing, you can reduce your cat's normal portions of food a little.