Advertorial: Dog barking: advantages and disadvantages of fresh meat nutrition

If raw meat, offal, vegetables and oils end up in the dog bowl, we are talking about barf. The nutritional method is considered appropriate and natural, but it is not entirely uncontroversial. Only what speaks for and what against the fresh meat nutrition of dogs? Barfen: yes or no? What speaks for and what against fresh meat nutrition for dogs? - Image: Shutterstock / manushot

When it comes to dog nutrition, opinions differ. This also applies to Barf. Barf stands for "bone and raw foods ", which means something like bones and raw food. The name says it all. Whoever grabs his dog gives him raw food to eat. This diet is based on the eating behavior of wolves, from which dogs are known to originate.

The four-legged friend's menu primarily includes raw meat and offal. These are supplemented with vegetables and oils. Dog fresh meat nutrition has its advantages, but also some disadvantages. What are these? Here is an overview.

Use barf to influence the dog's diet

Barf is a nutritional method that is free from preservatives, flavors and flavor enhancers. Unlike ready-made food, you know exactly what ends up in your dog's bowl.

Even more: you can even individually meet the needs of your four-legged friend. Say: If your dog has an intolerance, you can simply exclude the allergy-causing ingredients from the food.

Positive impact on health

Dog owners who barked their animals also report that raw meat feeding ensures shiny fur, healthier intestinal flora and less body odor. One possible reason: the dog only gets what he can process - and in addition to meat, these are mainly vegetables and oils for the crucial nutrients.

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Is it difficult to groom dogs?

However, critics also interpret the compilation of dog food as a disadvantage of barking. Because it does not lead to overweight or underweight, deficiency symptoms or oversupply, a lot of know-how and experience is required. Barfer have to deal intensively with the nutrition of their four-legged friends, which can be more complex.

At this point, however, veterinarians and other experts provide assistance. They can calculate an animal's individual nutritional needs and draw up a feed plan. It all takes into account factors such as the dog's height, age, weight and activity.

Is there a risk of infection from the raw meat?

By feeding raw meat, Barf critics also note, there is an increased risk of infection from bacteria and other pathogens. Nevertheless, barfen is far from being a taboo.

It is crucial to pay attention to the quality of the food that you feed to your dog. The barf meat should be fresh - and processed hygienically. Attention: Pork is an exception. This allows dogs to catch Aujeszky's disease, which is rare but fatal.

Dogs barked: yes or no?

Whether you bark your dog or not, everyone has to decide for themselves. For the dog, barking means a species-appropriate form of nutrition. Owners report predominantly positive things about their experience with the feeding method - provided that they pay attention to hygiene, freshness and true to the motto "It's all in the mix" on a balanced diet. So don't be afraid to get advice from a veterinarian or other professional.

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