Cute pug takes on a spider

Cute pug takes on a spider

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This pug proves that spiders are not just uncomfortable for humans. The dog seems to be thinking about this nasty insect - even if it is just a toy.

Pug in the flower meadow: Always available for a nice dog walk - Image: Shutterstock / Igumnova Irina

How mean! First the peace-loving pug is disturbed by a terrifyingly large spider while eating in this video, and then she also follows him. The next step needs to be carefully considered: run away or face the enemy? The dog chooses both, always alternating.

Together dogs are strong

Fortunately, he can rely on his friends and receives animal support from a fluffy dog ​​as the enemy becomes more and more intrusive. The two of them finally manage to chase the common electrically controlled crawling animal under the sofa, where it hopefully stays!

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