Dog crazy: Miley Cyrus shows her dogs on Twitter

Miley Cyrus just can't let her dogs go. And because she adores her little rascals so much, she lets her entire fan base share her happiness on Twitter. Photo: 2012 Twitter / MileyCyrus

Photo: 2012 Twitter / MileyCyrus Photo: 2013 Twitter / MileyCyrus

Dog and Twitter: With Miley Cyrus the two go together

A very welcoming sofa. And a world star in the middle. But there are two other characters who gild the scene. Then Husky Floyd wallows in unbridled bliss on Miley Cyrus' lap, who has enough to do with pampering the faithful mixed breed Happy with just as many pats. The fan community recently asked how many dogs the US star actually has.

A large family: six dogs together with Liam

If you follow her Twitter entries, you can speak of a total of six Wau-Waus, after all, her fiance has a weakness for the loyal four-legged friends. With Floyd, Miley takes care of an Alaskan Klee Kai, little Happy is a Rottweiler-Beagle crossbreed. The puppy Penny Lane, however, is just as much a Rescue Dog as the dog lady Mary Jane. The adult white shepherd named Mate is still missing. The couple offers them a safe life after they have all been adopted from abandoned conditions.

Until recently, the singer also enjoyed Bulldog Ziggy and Yorkshire Terrier Lila. But after Lila lost her life while playing with the bulldog, Ziggy was given away. For Lila came after almost three weeks, which is the latest addition to the family as number six: Miley Cyrus adopted the cute puppy Bean, a Chihuahua crossbreed.

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