Smoothie and milkshake meet the neighboring cat

Smoothie and milkshake meet the neighboring cat

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The two extra-fluffy British long-haired cats Smoothie and Milkshake have recently moved to a new home and can romp around to their hearts' content in a small garden. But, nanu? You are not alone ...

"Hach, that's wonderful," think Smoothie and Milkshake at the beginning of the video, when they are lying on the terrace in a relaxed manner. Milkshake, who was still a little skeptical about going outside on the first garden excursion, is now enjoying the secure access to the fullest. Then the two fluffy noses frolic on the grass, look out for mice and gleefully enjoy a few small stalks of grass.

But suddenly: "Potzblitz! What's that?" Smoothie seems to be asking himself. Because on the wall that surrounds the small garden of the two velvet paws, a strange cat suddenly appears!

The pretty black and white patterned neighboring cat watches smoothie and milkshake from her lookout and looks a little puzzled. "Well something like that, why did nobody inform me that we have new neighbors?", The curious furry nose apparently wonders.

However, the stranger Miez doesn't dare to get any closer to smoothie and milkshake. After the first surprise, Smoothie goes back to her business and ends her garden excursion on the upholstered bench on the terrace. Milkshake does not seem to have noticed much of the visit of the neighboring cat.

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